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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20180605

The first official 20180606 NIGHTLY builds are out
.The Official Firefox 61 Beta 12 builds are not yet out

Previous NIGHTLY: 20180605 (Fx 62.0a1)
Previous BETA: 20180605 (Fx 61.0b11)

Mozilla Inbound Builds
Release Notes: NIGHTLY | BETA
Changelogs: NIGHTLY | BETA

    NIGHTLY +68
  1. #1453127
  2. #1465160
  3. #1465898
  4. #1464922 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-Do not allow autoplay in media without audio tracks [Uns][]
  5. #1464930 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-Move AutoplayPolicy Camera/Mic permission test to after gesturs-needed pref check [Uns][]
  6. #1466789 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Bump cssparser. [Uns][]
  7. #1465572 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Crash in geckoservo::glue::Servo_Element_GetPrimaryComputedValues [Mac][]
  8. #1466656 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Gecko_CreateCSSErrorReporter should not allocate. [Uns][]
  9. #1465628 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Looks like we need to update devtools css db [Uns][]
  10. #1464568 [Core:DOM: Animation]-Animations are mispositioned during scrolling [Uns][]
  11. #1465670 [Core:DOM: Service Workers]-fix importScripts() restrictions to reflect current spec [Uns][]
  12. #1466822 [Core:Disability Access APIs]-Implement support for new blockquote, caption, and paragraph ARIA roles [Uns][]
  13. #1466469 [Core:Editor]-Devirtialize nsIHTMLEditor.GetActiveEditingHost [Uns][]
  14. #1423776 [Core:Editor]-crash near null in [@ nsRange::nsRange] [Uns][]
  15. #1458246 [Core:Gecko Profiler]-Content process crash when trying to collect profile [Uns][]
  16. #1466695 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Don't use fallback for invisible outlines [All][]
  17. #1465667 [Core:IPC]-Mac SharedMemoryBasic has an unintentional 128MiB size limit [Mac][]
  18. #920630 [Core:ImageLib]-Improve memory usage of mozilla::image::ImageURL [All][]
  19. #1459860 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Crash [@ __memcpy_sse2_unaligned] or Assertion failure: found(), at js/HashTable.h:948 with off-thread module compilation and GC [Lin][[jsbugmon:update,ignore]]
  20. #1465860 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-MOZ_CRASH in JS IPC under fuzzing [Uns][]
  21. #1464845 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Remove js_strdup and JS_strdup [Uns][]
  22. #1443086 [Core:JavaScript: Standard Library]-Update FlattenIntoArray to call IsArray only if depth > 0 [Uns][]
  23. #1461046 [Core:Layout: Floats]-Make shape-outside honor shape edges instead of checking for empty float areas (against the CSS Shapes 1 specification) [Uns][]
  24. #1465983 [Core:Layout]-Don't resolve FontFaceSet's ready promise in its constructor [Uns][]
  25. #1464363 [Core:Layout]-Remove IMAGE_GOTINITIALREFLOW [Uns][]
  26. #1466643 [Core:Layout]-Remove nsITreeContentView [Uns][]
  27. #1465290 [Core:Layout]-[css-grid-2] Add a few frame bits to keep track of subgrid state [All][]
  28. #1466448 [Core:Layout]-remove ReflowOutput::mFlags [Uns][]
  29. #1466475 [Core:MFBT]-Bogus pointers materialized by mozilla::Span should be aligned [Uns][]
  30. #1466777 [Core:Networking: DNS]-TRR: in trr-only, entering a non-existing host name in the URL bar just shows blank page [Uns][[necko-triaged][trr]]
  31. #1466611 [Core:Panning and Zooming]-Render layout viewport on APZ minimap [Uns][[gfx-noted]]
  32. #1465852 [Core:Preferences: Backend]-Assert when non-Atomic static prefs are accessed off the main thread [Uns][]
  33. #1461803 [Core:Security: PSM]-misc. cleanup in psm [Uns][[psm-assigned]]
  34. #1465976 [Core:Security: PSM]-remove all find*ByName APIs from PSM PKCS#11 module/slot/token interfaces [Uns][[psm-assigned]]
  35. #1413098 [Core:Web Audio]-Should also block web audio when the pref "media.autoplay.enabled=false" [Uns][[block-ap-v1]]
  36. #1463183 [Core:Widget: Cocoa]-Remove isUniversalBinary from nsIMacUtils [Uns][]
  37. #1463560 [Core:Widget: Win32]-Previous Firefox session is not restored when there is a pending Firefox update before the OS reboot [Uns][]
  38. #1466673 [Core:XUL]-Remove nsITreeColumns [Uns][]
  39. #1465692 [Firefox:Address Bar]-When using a keyword, history/bookmarks suggestions should include previous uses of the keyword [Uns][]
  40. #1444329 [Firefox:Bookmarks & History]-Don't use nsIScriptableUnicodeConverter to read bookmarks [Uns][[fxsearch]]
  41. #1460579 [Firefox:Bookmarks & History]-Replace the 'bookmarkPropertiesDialog/folderLastUsed' annotation with something else [Uns][[fxsearch]]
  42. #1466450 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Animation Inspector]-Animation Inspector's close button should be right aligned (without margin/padding right) [Lin][]
  43. #1463780 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Animation Inspector]-Use cursor types accordingly to the selectable nature of the element [All][]
  44. #1465020 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Font Inspector]-Font editor shows empty values [Uns][]
  45. #1464442 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Inspector]-Make the display-type badge in the markup-view say "subgrid" if the element is a subgrid [Uns][]
  46. #1464747 [Firefox:Developer Tools]-Browser toolbox can't hightlight frame again. [Uns][]
  47. #1450956 [Firefox:Developer Tools]-Convert TabActor to protocol.js [Uns][]
  48. #1462725 [Firefox:General]-Add SavantShieldStudy.jsm and "savant" event telemetry category [Uns][]
  49. #1464246 [Firefox:General]-Pref Flip startup.homepage_welcome_url to about:welcome [Uns][]
  50. #1351690 [Firefox:PDF Viewer]-Lazily load pdf.js in the content process [Uns][[MemShrink:P2]]
  51. #1454970 [Firefox:Remote Settings Client]-Provide a nice hook to initialize RemoteSettings clients [Uns][]
  52. #1426135 [Firefox:Search]-nsSearchService.js shouldn't refetch non-changing prefs, and potentially cache others [Uns][]
  53. #1462675 [Firefox:Site Identity and Permission Panels]-The "Edit Pop-up Blocker Options/Preferences" command is broken [Uns][]
  54. #1465638 [Firefox:Sync]-Don't send "capabilities" in FxA device registration [Uns][]
  55. #1417577 [Firefox:Sync]-Sync sidebar doesnt support the intl.uidirection preference to override the layout direction [Uns][]
  56. #1466678 [Firefox:Tabbed Browser]-Store multiple selected tabs in a WeakSet instead of a WeakMap [Uns][]
  57. #1454231 [Firefox:Theme]-Addon banner needs to be lighter on dark theme [Uns][]
  58. #1466306 [Firefox:Theme]-Fix contrast of disabled icons in overflow menu [All][]
  59. #1465973 [Firefox:Theme]-Stop setting font-size: 13px on panel headers [All][]
  60. #1466325 [Toolkit:Places]-Remove unused CREATE_IDX_MOZ_PLACES_FAVICON [Uns][[fxsearch]]
  61. #1465052 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Instrument pending operations list high-water mark spilling [Uns][]
  62. #1455138 [Toolkit:Themes]-Use SVG context paint for macOS tree twisties [Mac][]
  63. #1404724 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: Frontend]-remove browser_style warnings [Uns][]
  64. #1466349 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: General]-Followup to 1456485, make Screenshots work on PDFs [Uns][]
  65. #1369841 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: General]-Handle runtime.onMessage/onConnect in the background page during browser startup [Uns][triaged]
  66. #1465519 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: General]-Intermittent JavaScript error: resource://gre/modules/WebRequestContent.js, line 130: TypeError: Argument 1 of ChromeUtils.getClassName is not an object. [Uns][[stockwell fixed:product]]
  67. #1465537 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: General]-private browsing mode broken [All][]
  68. #1464719 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: Themes]-Remove obsolete code from LightweightThemeConsumer.jsm [Uns][]

    Partial Landings/Diagnostic Patches:
  1. #1466606 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-Crash in mozilla::Maybe<T>::ref (from TrackBuffersManager::GetNextRandomAccessPoint) [Uns][]
  2. #1461459 [Core:IPC]-Reenable bug 1348361 (async content process launching) on nightly and investigate/fix crashes (bug 1446900). [Win][]

    Beta 11 -> Beta 12 Changelog +0

Nightly 62 fixes since 20180507 (Gecko 61) ~1230
Beta 61 fixes since 20180312 (Gecko 60) ~2710

Nightly Blog
Release Calendar
Release Tracking
MozRegression Guide
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WebExtensions does not work on latest Nightly62.0a1(20180606100133).

See #1467136 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: General]-Some extensions don't load on startup [Uns]

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