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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20180226

The first official 20180227 NIGHTLY builds are out
The Official Firefox 59 Beta 13 builds are out

Previous NIGHTLY: 20180226 (Fx 60.0a1)
Previous BETA: 20180223 (Fx 59.0b12)

Mozilla Inbound Builds
Release Notes: NIGHTLY | BETA
Changelogs: NIGHTLY | BETA

    NIGHTLY +64
  1. #1426129
  2. #1435317
  3. #1439723
  4. #1440538 [Core:Audio/Video: cubeb]-Update Cubeb-rs to v0.4 [Uns][]
  5. #1441021 [Core:Build Config]-Add Occitan (oc) to shipped-locales for Firefox 60 [Uns][]
  6. #1440682 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-stylo-chrome: XUL tooltips are not displayed [All][]
  7. #1376865 [Core:Canvas: 2D]-Do not display Canvas Prompt unless triggered by user input [Uns][[tor][fingerprinting][gfx-noted][fp:m4]]
  8. #1439485 [Core:DOM: Animation]-Transform animations that don't produce any change hints don't run on the compositor [Uns][]
  9. #659610 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Remove or inline SetAttrHelper and GetAttrHelper (from nsGenericHTMLElement) [All][]
  10. #1440467 [Core:DOM: Push Notifications]-Add always-on push connection with pref control [Uns][]
  11. #1440941 [Core:DOM]-Aborting fetch with a lot of requests causes browser crash (@mozilla::dom::FetchDriver::OnStartRequest) [Uns][]
  12. #1440663 [Core:Document Navigation]-Don't let nsDocumentOpenInfo::DispatchContent indefinitely loop [Uns][]
  13. #1438794 [Core:Event Handling]-<input>s in vertical writing mode are vertically unscrollable with wheel, but unexpectedly horizontally scrollable [All][]
  14. #1398845 [Core:Graphics: Layers]-Black flash after clicking on site in activity stream [Mac][[AS60MVP][gfx-noted][fxperf:p1]]
  15. #1432345 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-Add index masking for 32-bit wasm loads and stores [Uns][]
  16. #1440626 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-IonMonkey: Move CodeGenerator::ToOutValue into jit/shared/CodeGenerator-shared-inl.h [Uns][]
  17. #1438800 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-MacroAssembler::splitTagForTest() returns some random scratch register, brittle API, breaks ARM64 [All][]
  18. #1438113 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-Make it possible to have wasm baseline without wasm ion [All][]
  19. #1437780 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-Wasm baseline: Remove more platform dependencies [All][]
  20. #1432682 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-(boring-bytecode) Breakpoint on first expression in block, before lexical declaration, excludes block from environment hierarchy [Uns][]
  21. #1409973 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Make Date.toLocaleDateString and Intl.DateTimeFormat anti-fingerprintable [Uns][[fingerprinting][tor][fp-triaged]]
  22. #1440735 [Core:JavaScript: GC]-Use private GC thing Value in a couple of places [Uns][]
  23. #1440315 [Core:JavaScript: Internationalization API]-Replace RegExp-based Unicode extension parsing [Uns][]
  24. #1441335 [Core:Memory Allocator]-Base allocator commit is under-evaluated [Uns][]
  25. #1439347 [Core:Networking: HTTP]-Extend telemetry for TFO and http-auth dialog [Uns][[necko-triaged]]
  26. #1439105 [Core:Networking: HTTP]-http2 reject client cert post handshake [Uns][[necko-triaged]]
  27. #1433958 [Core:Networking]-Change code that uses nsIURI setters to use nsIURIMutator [Uns][[necko-triaged]]
  28. #1436589 [Core:Networking]-Use nsIFileURLMutator::SetFile in nsWebBrowserPersist.cpp [Uns][[necko-triaged]]
  29. #1439931 [Core:Networking]-extractScheme should lowercase its output [Uns][[necko-triaged]]
  30. #1370794 [Core:Rewriting and Analysis]-converting integer literal to bool, use bool literal instead [Uns][]
  31. #1439046 [Core:Web Audio]-UBSan: division by zero in [@ WebCore::DynamicsCompressorKernel::process] [Uns][]
  32. #1436117 [Core:WebRTC: Audio/Video]-A WrappedI420Buffer in MediaPipeline might outlive its buffer [Uns][]
  33. #1440252 [Core:WebRTC: Audio/Video]-getUserMedia processing test page does not function accordingly [All][]
  34. #1440630 [Core:XPCOM]-Reduce nsIFile::ResolveAndStat() calls [Uns][]
  35. #1440824 [Core:XPCOM]-Split the Gecko atom table into multiple subtables to reduce locking contention [Uns][]
  36. #1441205 [Core:XPCOM]-XPTMethodDescriptor::result is unused [Uns][]
  37. #1441217 [Core:XPConnect]-Use nsXPTMethodInfo instead of XPTMethodDescriptor in XPConnect [Uns][]
  38. #1440808 [Core:XUL]-Cleanup error handling in nsXULPrototypeDocument::Read [Uns][]
  39. #1440768 [Firefox:Activity Streams: Newtab]-Improve saved to pocket stories caching and updating [Uns][]
  40. #1440550 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Debugger]-Update Debugger Frontend v19 [Uns][]
  41. #1441146 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Framework]-Sync DevTools plural-form.js with intl/PluralForm.jsm [Uns][]
  42. #1441113 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Memory]-Can only update a mounted or mounting component when closing Memory Tool [All][]
  43. #1438457 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Netmonitor]-Autocomplete popup should autoselect the first element of the list [Uns][]
  44. #1441225 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Source Editor]-Update Codemirror to 5.35.0 [Uns][[third-party-lib-audit] ]
  45. #1382607 [Firefox:Developer Tools: WebIDE]-Fix 4 tests failures on devtools/client/webide due the EventEmitter refactoring [Uns][]
  46. #1439673 [Firefox:Developer Tools]-Fix React 16 warnings [All][]
  47. #1441147 [Firefox:Developer Tools]-Upgrade redux and react-redux to remove react-dev warnings [All][]
  48. #1439500 [Firefox:Developer Tools]-browser_treeWidget_keyboard_interaction.js will be timed out if we stop dispatching keypress events for non-printable key combinations on web content [All][]
  49. #1438243 [Firefox:Enterprise Policies]-Improve the UI for about: pages blocked by policy [Uns][]
  50. #1429185 [Firefox:Enterprise Policies]-Policy: Disable Developer Tools [All][]
  51. #1433290 [Firefox:Enterprise Policies]-Remove Block parameter for InstallAddons and Popup policies [Uns][]
  52. #1440932 [Firefox:Enterprise Policies]-Small improvements to the policy engine [Uns][]
  53. #1440949 [Firefox:Extension Compatibility]-Allow plain JS objects to require addon interposition [Uns][]
  54. #1431027 [Firefox:Preferences]-Disk space warning shows incorrect preferences path [Uns][[storage-v2]]
  55. #1432745 [Firefox:Preferences]-Improve or remove the persistent status column in the site data manager [Uns][[storage-v2]]
  56. #1434427 [Firefox:Preferences]-Recommend replacing "Revert" with "Cancel" for "Always Use Private Browsing Mode" selection [Uns][]
  57. #1434706 [Firefox:Sync]-Add a preference to disable FxA/Sync and hide their UI [Uns][[tor 16488][tor 22564]]
  58. #1435588 [Firefox:Sync]-Override `applyIncomingBatch` in the buffered bookmarks engine to insert all incoming records at once [Uns][]
  59. #1432509 [Firefox:Tabbed Browser]-Short tab-switch spinners displayed when switching to a tab that is still warming but not yet rendered. [Uns][]
  60. #1440333 [Firefox:Toolbars and Customization]-Add a way to query a PanelView for whether it is shown [Uns][]
  61. #1437512 [Firefox:Toolbars and Customization]-Remove the "panelmultiview" binding [Uns][]
  62. #1441154 [Firefox:Toolbars and Customization]-Start the PanelMultiview sliding transition together with the height transition [Uns][]
  63. #1441241 [Toolkit:Find Toolbar]-Make the fix for bug 1439974 work across navigations [Uns][]
  64. #1440804 [Toolkit:Places]-Fix unused variables in `PlacesSyncUtils` [Uns][]

    Partial Landings/Diagnostic Patches:
  1. #1437483 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-Spectre mitigations for Ion object type barriers [All][]
  2. #1440309 [Core:JavaScript: Standard Library]-Avoid repeated bailouts in padStart/padEnd from ToInteger [Uns][]
  3. #1362761 [Toolkit:Safe Browsing]-Crash in nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet::WritePrefixes [All][]

    Beta 12 -> Beta 13 Changelog +10
  1. #1437507
  2. #1438425
  3. #1426869 [Core:Editor]-td.contenteditable=true focus breaks text selection [Uns][]
  4. #1427118 [Core:Graphics]-Crash in OOM | large | mozalloc_abort | mozalloc_handle_oom | moz_xmalloc | mozilla::gfx::RecordedFontData::RecordedFontData<T> [All][[gfx-noted]]
  5. #1440564 [Core:IPC: MSCOM]-StructToStream leaks memory [Win][]
  6. #1439001 [Core:WebRTC]-receiver.getSynchronizationSources()[0].audioLevel only present in two-way calls [All][]
  7. #1439242 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Netmonitor]-Headers filter broken [Uns][good-first-bug]
  8. #1440308 [Firefox:Search]-Add Qwant to the French version of Desktop Firefox [Uns][]
  9. #1435859 [Toolkit:Safe Browsing]-Crash in OOM | large | NS_ABORT_OOM | mozilla::safebrowsing::Classifier::DeleteTables [Win][]
  10. #1435100 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: General]-ExtensionTestCommon.jsm generateZipFile throws NS_ERROR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED [Uns][]

Nightly 60 fixes since 20180122 (Gecko 59) ~1452
Beta 59 fixes since 20171113 (Gecko 58) ~2593

Nightly Blog
Release Calendar
Release Tracking
MozRegression Guide
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It seems that Google Chrome has already distrusted the ton of CAs listed in that bug.
Latest: Firefox/63.0.1 *ESR/60.3.0 - Mobile/62.0.3 - Thunderbird/60.3.0
Nightly: Nightly/66.0a1 - Mobile/66.0a1 - Daily/66.0a1

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Omega X wrote:It seems that Google Chrome has already distrusted the ton of CAs listed in that bug.

Mozilla and Google synced their actions. Or, which is more true, Mozilla followed Google's lead. Both set deadline to march 2018

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Did you know you can increase OMTP worker threads with layers.omtp.paint-workers? Does that bring performance improvements?

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Lurtz wrote:Did you know you can increase OMTP worker threads with layers.omtp.paint-workers? Does that bring performance improvements?

I didnt know this. AFAIK, parallel OMTP works only on OSX for now. Windows' is work-in-progress.
Also, I am a little hesitant to increase the threads to more than the logical number of CPU's. There could be thread contention/overhead.
Experimental perf numbers are welcome!


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@Omega X So what will this imply for websites?

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