java (mac) for FFQ needed?

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Post Posted February 4th, 2018, 4:06 pm

Hello: FFQuantum dev 59.0 mac. Does firefox still need java on the Mac? While I deleted it some time ago on the windows (10p/was 7p) side of this bootcamp, and Java has apparently not been missed, I haven't done so yet here (10.13.2). Thank you.
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The Firefox web browser any version never needed the Java Plugin from Oracle for anything in Firefox to work. The Java Plugin and JavaScript in Firefox are two separate things.

Only IE and Firefox 52 ESR (last update 52.9.0esr will be out July 3rd) still allows other Plugins besides Flash Player (from Adobe) to run. Chrome, Chromium and Opera dropped support of NPAPI Plugins (which includes Java) back in September 2015 so there is even less reason for websites to still make use of the Java Plugin for something.

Oracle is in process of depreciating their often vulnerable NPAPI Java Plugin as of Java 9 yet still supported in Java 8.

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Thank you. I found right after asking-safari still uses it in some way; libre office "requires" (?) it. Both for macOS.
Paul L

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libre/open/apache office need java for fully functionality, but from my experience under windows it works also without when you dont need those features.

google tell me: "java needed for the Report Builder-Designer"
to note that you need the same bits as libre - means: libre as x86 -> java x86 | libre x64 -> java x64

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