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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20170315

The Official 20170316 NIGHTLY builds are out
The Official 20170316 AURORA builds are out
.The Official Firefox 53 Beta 3 builds are not yet out

Previous NIGHTLY: 20170315 (Fx 55.0a1)
Previous AURORA: 20170315 (Fx 54.0a2)
Previous BETA: 20170314 (Fx 53.0b2)

Hourly builds: Tinderbox Builds
Treeherder: Nightly | Aurora
Release Notes: AURORA | BETA

    NIGHTLY +54
  1. #1344305
  2. #1346679 [Core:Audio/Video: GMP]-Label runnables in dom/media/gmp/GMPCDMCallbackProxy.cpp [Uns][]
  3. #1346678 [Core:Audio/Video: GMP]-Label runnables in dom/media/gmp/GMPParent.cpp and its friends [Uns][]
  4. #1345761 [Core:Audio/Video: GMP]-Remove the unused do_GetMainThread() call from GMPServiceChild::GetBridgedGMPContentParent() [Uns][]
  5. #1345376 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-Label runnables in dom/media/mediasink/DecodedStream.cpp [Uns][]
  6. #1344772 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-Logical loop with CPU exhaustion in MediaFormatReader::NotifyDataArrived [Uns][]
  7. #1344649 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-Remove MediaDataDecoder::ConfigurationChanged API [Uns][]
  8. #1342913 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-When stream ID change during internal seeking, waiting promise will never be resolved. [Win][]
  9. #1346408 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-stylo: CSS animations on pseudo elements [Uns][]
  10. #1345698 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-stylo: Implement access to CSSNamespaceRule [Uns][]
  11. #1347094 [Core:Canvas: 2D]-Canvas drawImage bug with large images (results in a tiled and wrong scaled image) [All][[gfx-noted]]
  12. #1347147 [Core:Canvas: 2D]-createjs.BlurFilter defect when AzureCanvasBackend are direct2d [Win][[gfx-noted]]
  13. #1276186 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-DOMMatrix toString method outputs locale string [Win][]
  14. #1346084 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Expose mozIntl.getLocaleInfo to ChromeOrXBL [Uns][]
  15. #1333353 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Implement getAutocompleteInfo() for <select> [All][[form autofill:MVP] [form autofill:platform]]
  16. #1347117 [Core:DOM]-IsContentParent() assertion failed when trying to focus on a nested remote frame. [Uns][]
  17. #1346967 [Core:Disability Access APIs]-Fix processing of ISimpleDOM IDL [Win][aes+]
  18. #1341924 [Core:Gecko Profiler]-"Assertion failure: cancelable (Only nsICancelableRunnable may be dispatched to a worker!)" triggered by profiler [Uns][]
  19. #1345262 [Core:Gecko Profiler]-Assertion failure: activeContext() == js::TlsContext.get() [Uns][]
  20. #1347044 [Core:Gecko Profiler]-Shrink two gPSMutex thread-locking scopes in platform.cpp [All][]
  21. #1346725 [Core:Gecko Profiler]-[Static Analysis][Dereference before null check] In function DoSampleStackTrace [All][CID 1402128]
  22. #1346172 [Core:Geolocation]-Fix Geolocation prefs [Uns][]
  23. #1347289 [Core:Graphics]-Remove GLContext sharing support (except for EAGL) [Uns][gfx-noted]
  24. #1331136 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-CacheIR: Failing to attach StringChar in octance pdfjs [Uns][[qf-]]
  25. #1342882 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Hit MOZ_CRASH(unexpected type) at js/src/jit/Lowering.cpp:2323 [Lin][[jsbugmon:update]]
  26. #1347489 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Vector in StringSegmentRange should have some inline capacity [All][[qf:p1]]
  27. #1301312 [Core:Layout: Form Controls]-[DateTimeInput] localization for <input type=time> input box [Uns][[milestone5]]
  28. #1343695 [Core:Layout]-GetClientRectsAndTexts uses DOM text when it should use rendered text [Uns][]
  29. #1342880 [Core:Layout]-Label runnables in layout/inspector/ [Uns][]
  30. #1342366 [Core:Networking]-Crash in nsWyciwygChannel::GetCharsetAndSource [All][[necko-active]]
  31. #1316318 [Core:Panning and Zooming]-Disable async scrolling for subframes when there are anonymous content elements on the document [All][[gfx-noted]]
  32. #1346393 [Core:Panning and Zooming]-Extend SCROLL_INPUT_METHODS telemetry probe expiry until Firefox 60 [All][[gfx-noted]]
  33. #1343977 [Core:Panning and Zooming]-Tapping twice on chrome popups doesn't close it on touch devices [Win][]
  34. #1345611 [Core:Plug-ins]-Change behavior of subdocument Flash blocking to be third-party Flash blocking [Uns][]
  35. #1320036 [Core:SVG]-filter region computed incorrectly when targetting outer <svg> element in an HTML document [Uns][[webcompat]]
  36. #1346486 [Core:Security: PSM]-Add memory reporters for DataStorage [Uns][]
  37. #1347217 [Core:Security: PSM]-Big blobs of stuff dumped to stdout or stderr on startup [Uns][[psm-assigned]]
  38. #1273045 [Core:Selection]-AccessibleCaret does not scroll together with the overflow:scroll div [All][]
  39. #1343691 [Core:WebRTC]-RTCP stats missing in FF53 (fallout from 49 update) [All][]
  40. #1346680 [Core:WebVR]-Memory leak in VRLayer after VRDisplay calls requestPresent [Uns][]
  41. #1346499 [Core:Widget: Win32]-KeyboardEvent.ctrlKey of "keypress" event at Ctrl + Space on Windows should be true unless it doesn't cause different character without Ctrl key [Win][]
  42. #1345136 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Netmonitor]-Network panel: JSON number isn't rendered in the response panel [Uns][[netmonitor-reserve]]
  43. #1343360 [Firefox:Developer Tools]-Devtools toggle split console tooltip shows %S instead of the keyboard shortcut [Uns][]
  44. #1287660 [Firefox:File Handling]-New implementation of nsIHandlerService for the JSON backend [Uns][[CHE-MVP]]
  45. #1344759 [Firefox:Migration]-Use insertTree API to import bookmarks from other browsers [Uns][]
  46. #1287012 [Firefox:PDF Viewer]-[jsplugins][UI] Implement the function of select all text <Ctrl+a> [Uns][[pdfium-viewer-mvpscope]]
  47. #1344713 [Firefox:Security]-Replace waitForCertErrorLoad with BrowserTestUtils.waitForErrorPage in browser_aboutCertError.js [Uns][[fxprivacy]]
  48. #1299281 [Firefox:Security]-the cert_domain_link in the certificate error page is inconsistent [Uns][[fxprivacy]]
  49. #1338420 [Toolkit:Form Manager]-Fallback to form history if whole profiles doesn't have any data for the specific fields [All][[form autofill:M1]]
  50. #1308981 [Toolkit:General]-separate system add-ons from extensions in about:support [Uns][]
  51. #1345922 [Toolkit:Safe Browsing]-Use nsIUrlClassifierDBService.beginUpdate properly in UrlClassifierTestUtils.jsm [Uns][]
  52. #1345413 [Toolkit:Startup and Profile System]-Crash in nsDependentCString::nsDependentCString [Lin][]
  53. #1346739 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Update aboutTelemetry.js to async function & await [Uns][[measurement:client] [lang=js]]
  54. #1344926 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: Frontend]-Installed static theme does not persist if a new window is launched [Uns][]

Partial Landings/Diagnostic Patches:
  1. #940275 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Inspector]-Show top/left/right/bottom properties in the layout view [All][[good first bug][lang=html][lang=js][not super super easy]]

    AURORA +7
  1. #1345461
  2. #1345657
  3. #1345857 [Core:Document Navigation]-Duplicated tab shares live back/forwards history list with original, rather than a copy [All][]
  4. #1346269 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-Crash in js::jit::AutoFlushICache::AutoFlushICache [And][]
  5. #1334127 [Core:Security: PSM]-Upgrade Firefox 54 to NSS 3.30 [Uns][[psm-assigned]]
  6. #1341756 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Inspector]-Inpector's overlay lingers after quickly quitting Responsive Design Mode [Uns][]
  7. #1345473 [Firefox:Tabbed Browser]-Changing tab order using Compact themes cause an overlap [All][]
    Beta 2 -> Beta 3 Changelog +21
  1. #1345461
  2. #1345657
  3. #1342822 [Core:Audio/Video: GMP]-Widevine throughput limiting causes MacOS playback to fail [Uns][]
  4. #1340718 [Core:Audio/Video: MediaStreamGraph]-If a audio device (Citrix) disappears and fails on re-open attempts, output can be hung until restart [Uns][]
  5. #1345857 [Core:Document Navigation]-Duplicated tab shares live back/forwards history list with original, rather than a copy [All][]
  6. #1346426 [Core:DOM]-Crash in mozilla::dom::Timeout::SetWhenOrTimeRemaining [All][]
  7. #1343279 [Core:DOM: Security]-"View Image" doesn't work anymore on canvas [Win][[domsecurity-active]]
  8. #1343851 [Core:GFX: Color Management]-Crash in mozilla::gl::SurfaceFactory::NewTexClient [Win][[gfx-noted]]
  9. #1337073 [Core:IPC]-Improve the IPC_SYNC_LATENCY_MS probe [Uns][]
  10. #1313869 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Assertion failure: fallibleScope_ ([OOM] Cannot allocate a new chunk in an infallible scope.), at js/src/ds/LifoAlloc.cpp:105 [Mac][[jsbugmon:update,ignore]]
  11. #1346269 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-Crash in js::jit::AutoFlushICache::AutoFlushICache [And][]
  12. #1335966 [Core:WebRTC: Networking]-Crash in nr_ice_component_consent_timer_cb [Uns][]
  13. #1340734 [Core:WebRTC: Networking]-NAT simulator doesn't detect the use of TLS properly anymore [Uns][]
  14. #1336507 [Core:WebRTC: Signaling]-Local relay transport is not properly displayed on about:webrtc [Uns][]
  15. #1320458 [Core:XPCOM]-MOZ_LOG doesn't work for child processes because of sandboxing on windows [Win][]
  16. #1341756 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Inspector]-Inpector's overlay lingers after quickly quitting Responsive Design Mode [Uns][]
  17. #1344644 [Firefox:Migration]-If Edge is running, Firefox freezes when starting the import Wizard [Win][]
  18. #1340538 [Firefox:Site Identity and Permission Panels]-Refresh a page when permission pop-up is opened will make the permission pop-up to be displayed in the bottom of the page [All][[fxprivacy]]
  19. #1345473 [Firefox:Tabbed Browser]-Changing tab order using Compact themes cause an overlap [All][]
  20. #1342219 [Toolkit:Add-ons Manager]-Add-on install prompt doesn't detect if add-on installed by drag and drop from local file system is incompatible [Uns][[triaged]]
  21. #1109868 [Toolkit:XUL Widgets]-XUL popups with an anchor element should hide when the anchor loses its visibility and/or frame [All][[fce-active][fxprivacy]]

Nightly 55 fixes since 20170306 (Gecko 54) ~491
Aurora 54 fixes since 20170123 (Gecko 53) ~2100
Beta 53 fixes since 20161114 (Gecko 52) ~2987

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