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Post Posted November 22nd, 2002, 6:58 am

I haven't seen any other complaints about this so it may just be a problem on my computer.

I"m running Pheonix .4 on Windows 98SE

My mouse is a Logitech Optical Wheel mouse (can't remember the specific name for it)

When I go to a page that uses Java and use the mousewheel to scroll, after I stop rolling the wheel, the page conitinues to scroll in that direction a little at a time. To get it to stop I have to drag the scroll bar all the way to the botttom of the page and then drag the scroll bar back to where I want it at. If I'm scrolling up the same thing happens, except I have to drag to top of page.

Is there any other reports of this problem or just me?

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I also have this type of mouse and it happens to me too occasionally.

The only difference is that on my machine (W2K SP3) it seems to be completely random. Not related to Java.
I sometimes see it on this forum too. The moude keeps scrolling the number of lines I've set in Control Panel.

It used to happen in IE60 too, but I almost never use it anymore now that this fabulous browser is around...

I don't think it's a Phoenix problem but a problem with the Logitech driver (mine is 9.73.xx); Logitech always had problems with the scroll-part of the driver...



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i have the cordless logitech optical (not that very brand new one. the original one) and i've never had a problem. winme 20021114.


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Post Posted November 22nd, 2002, 3:55 pm

I have the same mouse (probably) but not have the problem - since I don't use any driver for the mouse. Is it really worth to add all these (not-so-useful) features on a poor mouse? I work with autocad and it messes up when a wheel mouse has its drivers installed...

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