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Post Posted March 10th, 2003, 1:42 am

(Linux Mandrake 9.0, TBE 2003-03-06, Px 2003-03-08)

I have a very strange problem with TBE. The main reason I use the extension is that it can remember which tabs were open when Px is closed or crashes (and their history). I am having a problem that means it SOMETIMES doesn't do this but instead loads just one of the tabs without any history. In particular it ALWAYS does this after restarting the PC.

TBE stores all this info in (profile)tabextesions.rdf. Even when it fails to reload its tabs the rdf file is good.

Here's the strange part: if you immediately kill Px (not exit otherwise it re-writes the rdf file) and restart, it comes up with all the tabs as expected. It seems to be some sort of initialisation or timing problem. Any ideas?

(I did post a version of this on Px Bugs but was asked to try here instead, sorry if you've had to read both!)

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