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Post Posted March 9th, 2003, 2:54 am

I what i should do to preinstall an extension into phoneix without user interactivity and without lauching phoneix?.
I have an Made By Me installer that i distribute to my friends.
I would like to give the option to install other themes/extension at install time, so they'll have the possibility to install the readial extension without download it ecc...
How can I do this?
Thank You
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Post Posted March 9th, 2003, 3:47 am

I'll give it a shot.

First install the extension into Px so you can see everything that the install changed. Close Px. Go into the program dir and to the 'chrome' dir. Open 'chrome.rdf', 'chromelist.txt', and 'installed-chrome.txt' and copy everything that has to do with that extension into the same files in your template dist that you will make the install out of. While you're here, copy the .jar file of the extension into the 'chrome' dir of your template. The only other place I can think that would have anything is 'defaults/pref'. Check in there and if there is a default preferences file for the extension copy it to the same place in your template.

I think that should work. I am by no means an expert on this stuff, so if it doesn't work, post back and I'm sure some one can correct any mistakes I made.

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