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Post Posted January 30th, 2003, 4:11 pm

I cannot get the mouse gesture sidebar to activate. Any suggestions


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I also cannot get the mouse gestures sidebar displayed. Both the "Sidebar" button in the preferences and the "install sidebar" link on the optimoz homepage do nothing. It's not a real grave problem for me, though, since I only use 2-3 gestures which I can easily remember... ;-)

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Try pressing F9 or going to View-> Show/Hide -> Sidebar.
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i'm perfectly capable of toggling the sidebar. however, the mouse gesture tab in sidebar seems to have become dysfunctional. At one point it was working, and then I intalled a new build and it stopped working. Maybe I installed something diferent, but it used to list the gestures I used least often at the top and went down from there. With 1.3b I got some gesutres to display, but only some, and the most common ones at that. Does anyone know how to go to the other way. I'm using v0.35RC3 of mouse gestures, btw

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