MassDownloader works fine with Phoenix

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Post Posted January 23rd, 2003, 2:54 am

After trying a handful of external download managers, I found that MassDownloader works best for me. I just copied npmassdn.dll to the Phoenix plugins folder and MD picks up all my download clicks with no trouble. Best of all, it seems to be able to make it automatically through "set-up" web pages to get to the actual file info. The other DL managers I tried couldn't do this adequately; they would try to download the set-up page.

MassDownloader does cost to register ($19.xx). Besides that, the only downside I've found is that the DL slows toward the end, as DL threads are completed. I think a few DL managers are able to subdivide remaining threads to keep all DL channels up and running till the job is done. But we're talking about a delay of a couple of seconds. For me, the superior DL management at the beginning of the task offsets this deficit.

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Post Posted January 28th, 2003, 2:58 am

well im on latest mileston and winxp

and neither MD nor the leech extension is working oO.

i copied the .dll into the plugin dir, but that doesnt make any difference ^^

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