making Java VM work with Phoenix?

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i just installed Phoenix on my machine and i love it. except for the Java VM part. i downloaded the MS Java VM which works perfect in IE but not with Phoenix.

so Phoenix keeps on trying to use Sun's Java VM which i heard was garbage so i'm wondering if there's any way i can get my Phoenix browser to work with MS's VM instead?

any help will be appreciated. :)



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Mozilla and Phoenix both use OJI (open java interface) an the Sun Java Plugin is the only thing that provides that as far as I know. You'll need to use it. Last I heard Microsoft's JVM is no longer being supported or updated by Microsoft, so you're probably better off using Sun's.

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okay. thanks for the speedy response. :)


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Considering Sun made Java, and I've used their VM for a long time (it works with A LOT of stuff) I wouldn't bother with MS's.
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There are other Java Virtual Machines out there, depending on platform. The one from Sun is just the most common one other than MS. I did ask Bugzilla to make the MS JVM work with Mozilla, but it was turned down because of the way that MS implements Java.

I find that 99% of my browsing does just fine without java being enabled. Some sites use Java or Flash just to display ads. I can't wait for a way to disable Flash.

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