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one thing that I like in web-browsers is auto in line completion, what im talking about is the feature to, when typing into the web addresses bar, the last visited website that matches what you have typed in is automatically filled in. this is a feature in many other browsers and i would like very much to see in phoenix. From what I see there isn't one so far, i could very possiably be wrong (please tell me if I am and how I can use it!)

btw phoenix is great!

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Auto completion isn't in phoenix. But there is a list of matching adresses.

try going to google, then typing "goo" in the address bar, should be in a dropdown list.


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Yes. Phoenix will display a dropdown list of places you have already visited as you start typing. It's just not inline. But it's not hard to hit the down arrow, is it?
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i know its not hard its just not what I'm used to and im lazy :D

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