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Hi all!

I am working at a small business, where I am tasked with replacing outdated computers with Linux. The business has been using Outlook 2007 for the last decade, and a few workers rely on the shared calendar functionality, for appointments etc. I was unable to get Outlook running smooth in Wine, so I switched attention to Thunderbird. Thanks to the TBSync and EAS Provider extensions, I was able to add the calendars to Thunderbird, but the way the calendar was displayed was not to the liking of the workers.

They were used to the category of the event setting it's primary colour, and it didn't work for them to have to check the little side bar. I went looking for options, for which I discovered the plugin Calendar Tweaks, which seemed to provide an option that fixed just that (as well as a few handy other features). However, the plugin does not work with the latest version of Thunderbird.

This is where I get to the point of my ramble: I am willing to pay an extension developer to upgrade the old plugin. I am happy to offer $30 USD, although the price is negotiable if that is unreasonable for the level of work required (I am not at all familiar with extension development). If anyone is interested, please respond to this topic saying so, or contact me in PM

Thank you for your time, and I hope someone can help.


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Moving to Extension Development as this is not about Thunderbird itself.


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