Any Hope For A Random Signature In TB 68.3+ ?

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Hi all,
It seems that any extension that allowed a user to have a randomly selected signature inserted (from a predefined list of signatures), like Tagzilla, Signature Switch, or random(signature) have all met their untimely ends. Is anyone aware of a similar extension, or one that is a work in progress? I just need something that will randomly pull a line from a .txt file (or anything), and then insert that line as the signature. Is it even possible with today's Thunderbird?

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Nothing new, as Thunderbird evolve, main developers put on side extensions, and the motivated developers with cool extensions give up! And I suppose that the new devs doesn't known what is a mail application as they use online app or phones app.

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Maybe this Add-on can do what you want: ... ardtexter/


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Locking due to the age of the original post.

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