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although I've written some little extensions for Thunderbird I'm considering myself as a beginner in TB development, so maybe the solution isn't as hard as I'm thinking:

I'm trying to write an addon for Thunderbird that allows me to send a mail and afterwards export the sent mail as an eml file. The idea is to import sent mails directly to a Document Management System without having to go to the "sent" folder an to save the mail manually as file.

I've tried to look into the source code an to me it seams that after you're clicking on the send button Thunderbird is doing some checks and then maybe the rest of the functionality is done by code that isn't JavaScript and therefore I can't see it in the developer tools / debugger - or am I wrong?

The problem is, that I don't know if the send dialog at some point in the code gets to know the uri of the message saved in the sent folder...

Maybe someone could give me some input how I can create a "send and export" addon?

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