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firefox 52 killed autofill.. abandoned by its author long time ago
who moved to chrome & never updated it.

i got rid of pale moon & moved back to a stable firefox release.
an old addon is broken. That addon was already fixed for minor issues
by one of mozilla addons contributors.

it would be great if anyone could at least make it compatible,
so i could install it in ff 52.

When i right click on a page & in autofill, i select Add rule for this form,
with open options ticked & in the drop down menu, i select new & create a new rule name,
it doesn't open the preferences window. & i can't create new rule names either.

I tried adding the old preferences data concerning this addon in the new preferences of firefox,
& it doesnt load my rules into its preference interface.

I've put the modified xpi version in a zip file:
http:// /upload/store/
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Post Posted August 21st, 2017, 4:37 pm

& fixes if possible:

No other addon of its kind beats its purpose but the author's working on a google version & sadly abandoned
its development, proposing to anybody who wants to keep the project alive
in one of his sites to feel free to continue the development.

Updates i'd like:

1) In autofill2 Options / other stuff: A function i can check, so each time i open autofill "options window" by right click/autofill options or add..
each time i in fact try to access options window, i get a password box before, so that window is accessible by password
only if i checked the function in "options/other stuff". It allows me to keep
data i filled, hidden from anyone who'd try to access it.

2) Please fix the rule editor that is imperfect, for all fields:
If i select "contains", before & after my string, make autofill add this: ^.*?mystring.*?$
If i select "beginwith", before & after my string, make autofill add this: ^mystring.*?$
If i select "endswith", before & after my string, make autofill add this: ^.*?mystring$
If i select "equals", before & after my string, make autofill add this: ^mystring$
(the actual regular expressions generated through the editor are false)

3) A bug:
If i delete a profile in autofill options/form fields, the profile's content/value is saved in the default "unfiled" profile.
I have to purge & delete that profile's content each time i delete another profile. This shouldn't happen.

4) For example, go to

-enter data

-in the section "where are you located", i would love that
autofill2 "Recursively" waits untill "state/province" selection
box "opens", then adds the chosen selection, then waits for
"City" & adds the data, until it detects that no new selection
box opens, then continues filling "Email address" etc .. .

Note that the "enable autofill delay" option doesn't help for that..
I'd like to have this in any site that has drop down boxes that open others .. .

5) A plus, in Hi5 site, when i click on message on a page,
a message pop-up based on a script appears, then my text is loaded by autofill,
but if i return to the main page & look at another profile & click on "message",
the pop-up window will detect it & open an empty box with the profiles name/pic,
but autofill will not reload text, because: the message popup window was still
opened and the url didn't change .. . & if i close and open it over & over,
it slows down the process. Try to make autofill2 detect scripts
that load other ids in the background..

not needing to reopen hi5 message popup window, and make autofill detect
when a new profile with message box is loaded on the message popup window,
so autofill reloads text .. .

Or apply the fix for any website that has that scripting method .. .

In fact: the webmaster makes pages load/being replaced (without modifying the page url in a url bar), it's done through scripts..
& autofill doesn't detect it actually .. .

6) move the autofill delay from "options/other stuff" to "options/field type", this allows selective website delay chosen by the user
who can enter the desired seconds, to prevent websites that don't need it to be accessed more instantly.

7) javascript support .. . addons like fillform have it, but they don't support rules, that's why they're useless.
so many boxes are bypassed on websites, because they're javascript based..

8) auto disabled on firefox offline mode..

9) In options/Form fields, a new type: Close (i don't need to enter any data like
in the field type "button", & in Value to Autofill, it can show "Ctrl+W", That new
"Close" Type, will close the tab after submission, or the window if it's the only
tab .. . but the control must be "ctrl+w" & not firefox or window closing.. cause
window closing would close all tabs..

10) if possible an add-on bar icon attached on this email too with a pop-up (autofill disabled) / autofill enabled)

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