Inverting Alt-Enter behavior on address bar?

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Post Posted August 13th, 2017, 1:43 pm

I tried to find a webextension that inverts Alt-Enter from omnibox: Enter open a new tab, Alt-Enter open in current tab.

I found none, so I tried to write mine…
After reading the API, I had hope on browser.webNavigation.onBeforeNavigate

unfortunatly, this callback doesn't have webNavigation.TransitionType nor webNavigation.TransitionQualifier and moreover, Firefox does not support the needed values from these two types ... nQualifier : from_address_bar is not supported ... sitionType : " 'link' and 'auto_subframe' are partially supported as the default transition type for top-level frames and subframes respectively. 'reload' and 'form_submit' are supported. All other properties are unsupported."

](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

Is there any other way to achieve this?

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