How do I put a widget to the new tab?

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Just like topic says, I want to put a widget(s) on to new tab. The easiest way to do this, as it seems to me, is to make a local page with iframe src = "about:newtab" ( or "chrome://browser/content/newtab/newTab.xul" ) and my widget over it, and replace about:newtab with this page. However, there're real and possible problems:
* Neither about:newtab nor chrome://.../newTab.xul won't load in iframe ( unlike, about:home, for example. Why? )
* Getting this urls with XHR raises security errors. Is it possible to set the local page into exceptions list, such allowing it to do cross-domain requests?
* Modifying about:newtab to display other page which has reference to about:newtab may cause recursion. I hope this can be fixed by using newTab.xul as reference in about:newtab, however, I'm not sure this will work.
* Putting about:newtab in to an iframe may cause links clicked in it to be loaded inside the iframe, what is undesired behaviour.

So what's really the easiest way to do this?


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1. Remote XUL is disabled in Firefox for security reasons. It is not really advisable to direct users to re-enable this, nor is it advisable to build an extension that re-enables it.

2. Reusing about:newtab which already exists is going to create conflicts. The best way to do this is to build a local HTML site into the extension and use a chrome:// address to open it. Changing browser.newtab.url to your address will open your local HTML site when the newtab button is pressed.
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