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Post Posted November 4th, 2002, 7:28 pm

From what I've read about multizilla on its web site, it sounds very interesting. I'm glad to see that the developers are planning to port it Phoenix. I'll gladly give it a try when that happens.

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I look forward to this too.

My experience with multizilla for mozilla was that it made multitab browsing a snappier experience especially when opening more than about 4 tabs at once (I do this often with news sites and forums). Opening more than 4 tabs simultaneously in both mozilla and phoenix causes the CPU usage to reach 100% for a little while during which my computer seems to hang. With multizilla I could open much more tabs at once without noticing delays.

Featurewise I also think that multizilla is more complete than TBE (Tabbed Browsing Extensions).

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