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I use phoenix in my day-to-day work as well as browsing since I find it
much faster/sleeker than mozilla, smarter than IE, and seems to have better layout and java support than Opera.

The pop-up blocking feature is one of the most attractive in Phoenix. I use another open-source product "Privoxy" (derived from Junkbuster) to thwart other internet junk like adverts/cookies.

Wont it be a nice idea to extend Phoenix's pop-up blocking features to include privoxy-like specific url-blocking, port-forwarding, cookie blocking and identity-hiding? Since the code for privoxy is open, it wont be a big task (I suppose) to integrate it into Phoenix. There could be a seperate section in the
phoenix preferences dialog to customize this.

Thanks for reading!

Anand Pillai

"Phoenix - The best open-source browser"

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