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Post Posted February 7th, 2019, 5:25 pm

Hello everybody,

I have got a Vista machine to maintain, so on that, Firefox has version 52.9.0 ESR.

I realized the status bar was missing, so here
I got this to put in userChrome.css :
Code: Select all
    /* Status-bar */
    #browser-bottombox { height: 20px; border-top: solid 1px #505050; }
    .browserContainer>statuspanel { left: 4px !important; bottom: 0px; transition-duration: 0s !important; transition-delay: 0s !important; }
    .browserContainer>statuspanel>.statuspanel-inner>.statuspanel-label { margin-left: 0px !important; border: none !important; padding: 0px !important; }

    window[inFullscreen="true"] #browser-bottombox { display:none !important; }
    window[inFullscreen="true"] .browserContainer>statuspanel[type="overLink"] .statuspanel-label { display:none !important; }

Well, that is OK, I do have a status bar down the window, that shows the different messages when loading a page, but when I put the cursor on a link, its address also appears above the statusbar, in what is often called a popup -that already existed before I added the userChrome.css.

Well, now that the information appears in the statusbar, I should like to hide it above the statusbar.

So, another line to add in the userChrome.css ?

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