Camino dead now what?

Talk about the native Mac OS X browser.

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For all of us on PPC Macs, all be it that there is few of us, it now no longer means that there a compatible modern web browser. Webkit development is dead, the only thing that keeps going is the user fork which is TenFourFox. The other option at this point for a stable Firefox release is of course to switch to Linux, but lose App compatibility. If you thought being on a G5 Mac was being marganalised for software choices, it's only endemically so by comparison for Linux where PPC forks have an even more limited range of software and ongoing issues regarding Xorg compatibility for desktop rendering. I guess we really have reached the point where these machines are no longer useful for any purpose other than as servers.

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Hitchhiiker is maintaining a version of Seamonkey for G4/G5s.

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