Chimera, we hardly knew ye

Talk about the native Mac OS X browser.

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The loss of this superior piece of software is, from my perspective, not just reason to be sad, but cause to start looking at the failures of "free" software and packaged browsers.

Much as was predicted so many years past, Internet Explorer made it impossible for alternate browsers to compete for space on a Windows desktop. Safari now seems to be doing the same in our world.

Sadly, only a few would pay a price for Camino if a price tag had been affixed -- we've been taught since Andreesen gave us Mosaic that we should expect someone else to pay for our web browser; Gates and Jobs both told us we should get it with our OS, which only gave them more control over us.

Yes, there are alternatives -- for now. But I fear this end of an era is a harbinger of a bleak future we all face when it comes to personal choice and quality software. The movement of more and more of our lives to "the cloud" only makes me see a dark storm on the horizon.

To all who touched the code of Chimera and Camino -- you made lives better. The loss of the product will make lives worse. We will miss you.

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Well put, jifish. I believe you're absolutely right.

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Well said.

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