Facebook messaging not working under Camino

Talk about the native Mac OS X browser.

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Post Posted June 5th, 2012, 3:52 am

[EDIT in bold] My Camino seems to be corrupted, other sites are not working now while working under Safari.
Is there a way (or a page explaining how) to restore Camino to a clean version while keeping preferences, bookmarks, etc?

Hi folks.

And now for something new (bug?): since last week, i cannot use the FB chat or messaging under Camino. I only see the general "messages" window, with the first line of all messages, but if i click on one message, even though the window switches to the right address, the message never shows, only the sender's name.
+ The usual messaging popups are not showing either.

While I just tried with Safari, and it is working. :(

Do you guys have the same problem? Or any idea what might be causing this?

(BTW, i de-activated glimmerblocker to check out this.)


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