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this is a massive fail of both fire fox and camino

every time i want to save a page i get two files a folder with all the graphics in it and a text file - stupid - safari does NOT do this - its annoying i don't want to have to have two files - i trash the folder with all the graphics in and am left with just txt if i put the txt file in the folder i have to then sift through it to find the txt what is up with this - its supid and a massive fail - as far as i am concerned i want to save stuff on my desk top to have easy access like safari does but .....why is this ? can anyone else see how massive fail this is ???

i am trying out browsers and as far as both fire fox and this one goes this is the only real fail i can see at the moment but safri wins so far only its sluggish for me - google chrome isn't even on the list its to stupid


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Post Posted May 25th, 2012, 1:17 am

When you hit Save, there's a little popup down at the bottom that allows you to pick a format. I suggest you pick one that's more suited to your needs. (Safari, by the way, doesn't even *offer* a Plain Text option, only Web Archive and HTML Source.)


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