Any Forum Plans for https ?

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Post Posted August 19th, 2018, 9:36 am

but expecting every mozilaZine user to use a vpn and change their password regularly

that is not what i said!

on my pc i dont often use vpn, when using my android fon and i am not in a trusted network i use a vpn with ssl to sleuth my data that way crypted. after vpn server i dont care. its because some can scan my wifi even ssl or not. vpn software encrypt it before it leaves my wifi connection. thats the point, and not more.

users not changing passwords are either using a very strong password and never connects - or nativ.
unless you're using a password manager with autogenerated passwords (highly recommended)

thats rubbish - some dont need a password manager - it needs a password managment but this do not have to rely on a piece of software. it also could be the old fashioned pen and paper after the password has been generated (how ever).

i dont use any software management for this, i keep a well protected list. and my browser hold the current passwords for some sites (not all).
a) my browsers are safe, my system is safe (on a high level)
b) if some steel my browser data i only need to change password when i am fast enough (which not happend in decades)
c) if some steel old data they wont have benefit

i never had any data theft in decades, or attack or similar. i found myself in Haveibeenpawned but a) old passwords or b) no longer alive (hacked forum) each password has its unique action.


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Post Posted September 13th, 2018, 2:03 pm

100% MozillaZine needs to get a SSL cert. No question about it... AND, ALSO, the forum (& website) has to be made mobile-compatible!

Surely, since has come up, 99% of traffic's moved on?! Google queries seem to reflect it, anyhow. :(

(We've all spent MANY years with this place, is there a lack of interest - with the current administration, or something - to catch up with the times? Long overdue, btw. :))


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Not trying to be annoying (!), to spam, or anything... However, it would seem that a visual and interface update isn't all that's needed? o.0

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What are we missing, funds? Could there, perhaps, be a way to generate some? Dunno, but like I mentioned: some of us have been with Mozillazine for a LONG time. What can be done to get back on the ball? How, when? =)


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The forum is owned by one person who supplies everything for free he also works more than fulltime as a programmer and I would imagine has little downtime. Maybe get some perspective and stop the whining and complaining
What sort of man would put a known criminal in charge of a major branch of government? Apart from, say, the average voter.
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stop the whining and complaining

People aren't whining and complaining. They're *offering help*! Unless you think MozillaZine as a community has no value and should continue to be left to die.

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