Problems with the mail or how to destroy your account.

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It is very inconvenient that for registration on the site you need ".com", ".net" mailboxes. This is some kind of discrimination based on e-mail. ](*,)
I do not know any good mail in these world domains. I tried everything you know and everything is HERNYA.
I have mail and it is the only one that meets my requirements (even among other mails of this domain and any others).

p.s. Do you want to destroy your account on the site and do not know how to do this? It's simple: Enter a non-existent mailbox, you will be thrown to the main page and you will never be able to activate it. =D>

by YaShum (which is now YaShum2)


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Is this a problem you see with Firefox or where is this occurring?


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He's talking about this site, which is what this section is for. Don't feed the troll.
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