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Re: post where - similar forums

Post by DanRaisch » November 22nd, 2016, 5:02 pm

Firefox Support is the forum to use when you believe that the issue you are having is related to or caused by Firefox. That is, if multiple sites appear "wrong" or a particular type of media (audio, video, graphics) will not display, etc. the question would appropriately be posted in "Support." The same would be true if something does not work in Firefox but does work in IE or Chrome or some other browser.

Firefox General is for discussion of the product itself, not problems. That means it would normally not see a lot of postings other than those by folks who can't figure out where to post.

Firefox Features is for discussion of things folks would like to see in Firefox but which don't exist now. That is, "Hey, wouldn't it be nice if Firefox could turn on my coffee pot at 6:07am and start the toaster at 6:12..." In some cases, a reply might point out that there is an extension to provide the requested functionality but that's OK. In other cases, a reply might point out reasons that the suggested "feature" would be a security risk or have other issues not considered by the original poster. That's OK too.

post where - similar forums

Post by Nettkrawler » November 22nd, 2016, 4:34 pm


I hope I didn't just drag that old cat inside again now and ask the same question for the 1k. time, but I probably do.

Whenever I have some question on this forum, it is probably due to some extension or some specific web-site look or functionality. And everytime I feel to ask, I just need to ask myself where should I post?

If I for some reason visit a web page, that page doesn't look right in my opinion - and I want to question you guys if there some tweaks to make in FF to get that site operate properly - I will face 3 alternative forums:
- Firefox Support - User Help for Mozilla Firefox
- Firefox General - Discussion of general topics about Mozilla Firefox
- Firefox Features - Discussion of features in Mozilla Firefox

It might just be me having trouble since english isn't my native language - but hey, I cannot find any good reason to select one of those forums over the other two. I try to break the question down in hope to figure it out myself:
- Do I need "user help"? Yes I probably do.
- Is this defined as general topic? Well for all I know the problem with a particulat page could be not relevant to Firefox, so Yes it could be that too.
- Is this a question regards "Firefox features"? Yes it might be that, because some feature in Firefox may be the one that solve the issue.

So - breaking the question down, wasn't really that helpful. I think I prefer "general topics" because it feels that it have som more slack in what the topics may be all about before it just goes in the wrong category :-k